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* Kabir Bedi as Shahjahan, who proved to be the emperor of lovers as Prince Khurram and as Emperor Shah Jahan, created one of the wonders of the world. He authored a legend and made history.
* Sonya Jehan as Mumtaz Mahal, whose countenance was as beautiful as her soul was. She kindled the flame of love in the heart of Prince Khurram to last till eternity in the shape of Taj Mahal.
* Manisha Koirala as Jahan Ara, the eldest and angelic daughter of Shah Jahan, who devotedly kept company to his father in the dying years of his life, and who showered love and affections on all her brothers and sisters.
* Pooja Batra as Nur Jahan, the empress of India and a beauty queen, was highly skilful in politics and politicking. She treated Emperor Jahangir, Ladli Begum, Arjumand Bano, Prince Khurram, Prince Shahryar, Commander Mahabat Khan and her brother Asif Khan like pawns on the chessboard of her desires.
* Arbaaz Ali Khan as Jahangir, famous to be steadfast in administering justice but in the matter of his son, Prince Khurram's love for Arjumand, he was far from just.
* Kim Sharma as Ladli Begum, the vivacious daughter of Noor Jahan from her first husband, Sher Afgan. Noor Jahan guided the destiny and ambition of her daughter. Ladli Begum did not know her mind between Prince Khurram and Prince Shahryar but her heart craved for the crown of the Empress of India.
* Vaquar Sheikh as Dara Shikoh, , the saintly and scholarly heir-apparent of Emperor Shah Jahan was dethroned from his status at the end of the only battle he ever fought waged by his hateful younger brother Aurangzeb, and ultimately, was brutally executed.
* Arbaaz Khan as Aurangzeb, who justified the means to achieve his end to ascend the glorious Moghul throne. He house-arrested his father Emperor Shah Jahan, got his eldest brother Dara Shikoh beheaded, imprisoned another brother Murad and persecuted the last brother Shuja.
* Zulfi Syed as Prince Shahjahan
* Milind Gunaji
* Negar Khan as Princess Kandahari
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